Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I dusted off my old arrowhead collection today for a post on outdoor forum I’m a member of. I was flooded with dozens of memories from walking the Savannah River Basin as a child in Edgefield, S.C.  Sunsets, Whitetail Deer, turkeys, okra fields, caretakers, red clay, dusty roads...... Searching for arrowheads as young boy was a thrilling time! All the wonder of the woods was at my feet in that red clay!
The connection to the craftsman was unmistakable then, and it still is now as I hold them in my hand and think about how incredible it was that their very livelihood depended on the craftsmanship of those small points. It humbles me as I hunt, fish, and camp with all my modern tools. It does me well to keep one of these points in my pocket to keep my head right about how good we have it out there these days!