Sunday, July 15, 2012

My 6 year old Daughter Sawyer asked me to help her clear a small plot of our land behind the house to plant some Watermelon Seeds she had. I must say with our poor East Texas "Sugar Sand" I did not have much faith of her reaping a harvest as I struggle to even get "Common" Bermuda Grass to grow here. Boy was I to be proven wrong. Her Vines have exploded with little more than a bit of rain, and the melons have been a sweet addition of home grown fruit to our diets. Needless to say I have encouraged her for her efforts, and look forward to many more melons off these vines. I would say she has about 100 Square feet of healthy vines now and they are continuing to thrive. We will no doubt plant an even larger patch of Watermelons next year! The yellow "Acid Free" Variety of Tomato has done well this year for me also. I really enjoy them and the deer don't seem to crave them as bad as they do the red ones. We have finally had a few nice rains, so I hope the wonderful showers will continue into the long hot summer! Take care everyone.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cicada Launch!

Woke up this morning and found this fella about to launch on my back porch! What a show!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Took my son Daniel and the hounds for a little trek today in the East Texas Timber. We did'nt take any food with us but we found a nice snack at Tonkawa Creek! A Blackberry Vine and a Grape Vine appear to have grown together at the head of the creek and we feasted on the Blackberries that were ripe. We marked the spot and we will go back later when the grapes are ripe. I would like to attempt making a Wild Blackberry Fruit Leather as posted here by Laplander: We had to share the Blackberry Bush with what looked like a Monarch Caterpillar. He was getting quite fat off that bush.... We will check back on him later when we gather berries for the Fruit Leather.