Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mongo Grass Carp!

Hudson caught this Muleskinner of a Grass Carp today at Lake Swan on dough bait that had some Raspberry Flavored Tea in it. He was only fishing twelve pound line on a small spinning rod so it was quite a battle. The Carp was released with no ill effects. It was a gorgeous day to fish!

Winter Parka Update

Found time over the Holiday to finish the Winter Parka Project. I pinned it to a wall and because it was actually 50"x60" I took a tape measure and marked 30"over and then 25" down and marked the center with a small piece of duct tape. Then I found a yellow  line in the fabric pattern (for a straight edge) and cut about 4" each way to allow for the parka opening to put my head through.

Then using #18 Nylon Craft Thread and a Tandy Leather Needle I whip stitched (learned on YouTube) the edges of the hole that I had cut...........

I finished up the stitching on each end with a simple tie back loop for hanging up the parka if needed...

And finally wearing the completed parka in the crisp fall air.......
(It now resides behind my backseat in the Tacoma Pick Up for when needed)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Wildflowers

Sarah Grace found these in the woods today, and made an arrangement for her Mother. The red ones have a minty smell. Thanksgiving has brought with it beautiful fall weather to East Texas.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Buttercrunch Lettuce Update

The Buttercrunch did really well in the big planter this year. We have had many harvests of wonderful lettuce from this planting. I still can't believe how big and tall they got this year! The lettuce has also provided very economical greens for Daniels Guinea Pigs.

Sweet Fall Onions

I planted some sweet fall onion today. One thing I learned last year with these was that they do much better when planted in loose soil. If the tops of the bulb can get some sunlight they mature faster, and larger. The bulbs are much easier to plant if the soil is watered a bit prior to planting them also. Last year Sawyer,Daniel, and Sarah Grace had a fun time harvesting the onions with me when they were ready!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Spoon Carving

I recently got a Joe Beardsley Bushcraft Knife and wanted to try my hand at some spoon carving. I found a suitable piece of Yaupon Holly (We have it in droves here in East Texas), and gave it a whirl. I put two stop cuts up near the head of the spoon so I would know where the handle profile stopped, and the head of the spoon began. Then I started thinning the handle down until the head of the spoon started to shape up. I used a sharpened painters key to hollow out the head as I don't own a crooked knife yet. This spoon won't win any awards, but was a bunch of fun to carve! Joe's blade cut like an extension of my hand. Fit and form are near perfect. The ATS-34 Steel held a great edge, and would still shave afterwards.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Early this morning we were blessed with some rain! I could hear the wonderful pitter patter of the first precious drops late last night. The earth has been so dry you could almost "feel" the relief in the air and ground. Thank you Lord!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Did some light pruning on the Rosemary Plant this morning in the cool morning air. How wonderful to tend herbs and the peace it brings to the soul. The plant has summered well, and seem to take on the brutal East Texas temps with abandon. If I forgot to give it a drink for a week or two it just kept putting on needles. I have established that the deer have no interest in it, which is a relief. There are very few species the deer won't nibble on. In his wonderful book "The Green Pharmacy" PHD Herbalist James Duke expounds on the amazing recuperative properties of rosmarinic acid. He also states that the herb has anti-oxidant properties that mop up free radicals in the body. It has been nice to have the plant at the ready by the grill for those summer BBQ's. Long used as a meat preservative and spice, teas can also be made with the needles. I will most likely bring this plant into the garage before the first frost this year.