Saturday, November 6, 2010

Spoon Carving

I recently got a Joe Beardsley Bushcraft Knife and wanted to try my hand at some spoon carving. I found a suitable piece of Yaupon Holly (We have it in droves here in East Texas), and gave it a whirl. I put two stop cuts up near the head of the spoon so I would know where the handle profile stopped, and the head of the spoon began. Then I started thinning the handle down until the head of the spoon started to shape up. I used a sharpened painters key to hollow out the head as I don't own a crooked knife yet. This spoon won't win any awards, but was a bunch of fun to carve! Joe's blade cut like an extension of my hand. Fit and form are near perfect. The ATS-34 Steel held a great edge, and would still shave afterwards.

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