Saturday, January 3, 2015


Looks like my Oregano, Parsley, and Rosemary have survived the colder weather so far but the Sweet Basil did not fare so well. I know the Basil did put off a bunch of seed however, so hopefully it will come back strong this spring. We used the Basil the most of all the herbs this year, as it goes well with so many dishes. It was perfect with salads, sandwiches, or just leaf thrown into a pot of beans. Often I would just enjoy chewing a leaf while working outside. Hope to find some Cilantro to grow this coming spring as well.

Friday, January 2, 2015

First fire of the year

      It has been a very mild winter in 2014 thus far. At the time of this writing we are just now lighting our first fire. Temps dropped into the 30's in East Texas over the New Year's Weekend with rain, so we finally broke down and burned some wood. I used the True Temper Maul to split about a 1/4 cord of a dead pin oak that I harvested off my land, and then used the Hultafors Bruks Swedish Hatchet to split up some kindling for fire-starter. The pin oak is exceptionally good as firewood. It burns long and hot, and is very nice to split. I have used the True Temper Maul pictured for many years and I have come to depend on it. The head was forged in India, and the heat treat was done very well, as it holds an edge for a very long time. The Swedish Hatchet is fast becoming a piece of trusted kit as well for smaller tasks, and holds an equally keen edge. I hope everyone had a safe New Year's and I will try to blog more in the coming year work permitting.