Sunday, January 27, 2013

Friend in the woodpile

Flushed this guy out from his warm winter spot in the woodpile by accident today with the leaf blower. Not sure what type he is yet. He was none to happy to be blown out of his nice warm spot. It actually was very mild today for January in Texas. It has been in the 70's all week so the reptiles are getting very restless. We normally get at least a few Copperhead Snakes around my place this time of year when the temps swing like this. Otherwise they are mostly nocturnal. I am going to work at getting more posts up this spring of lots of goings on around the place. My schedule has gotten a little better at work so that should help. I need to get some birdseed into my feeder so the Black Capped Chickadees and the Woodpeckers will drop by! If I get any pics of a copperhead I will post them to. I usually take them deep into the woods and release them away from my kids and pets if they visit! Good excuse for a day hike to!