Sunday, December 18, 2011

Firewood Rack

I saw a kit in Home Depot for a Firewood Rack from a company called 2x4 Basics. Made of a PVC type plastic. All you provide is the 2x4's and some labor, and you can make it as big or small as you like. It looked like a fun project, and I badly needed a place to store some of my split hardwood. I went with a 4 wide 4 high config so that I could get the most out of eight foot 2x4's. I am very pleased with how it turned out, and how affordable and fun the project was. They have kits for storage shelves and benches as well. I may try another kit real soon!

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  1. HIO Firewood Rack from Bizarkdeal

    First off what I want to say is that this large firewood rack by HIO fits a lot more wood than I first expected it to. It comes in 4 pieces with all the components you need to put it together except for tools. It comes in two sides and two bottom pieces which are 5 foot long. It took my fiance about 10 minutes maybe to put this together, but he use a socket wrench to make it easier. It is very thick quality metal with a very beautiful black finish on it which looks very nice and allows you to nicely stack your firewood. One thing I have to say about this is the fact that it since it does not come with a cover so it would be best to use indoors as you don't want to get your firewood wet if you live in a rainy area. Would be perfect for keeping firewood neatly stored in a garage. However you could also buy a firewood rack cover for it so you can use it outdoors as well (which is what I plan on doing). I did look for a cover for it online, and I see lots of covers. However usually they come in increments of 4 feet and 8 feet in length so this 5 foot steel firewood rack is a little bit of an odd man out when it comes to size, and therefore harder to find a cover for. I like the fact that you can move it like a few inches away from your wall so that you can make sure mold doesn't grow behind it. And it is rather thin so it can lean against a wall and not seem to take up too much space. You do have to have wood that is cut a specific length to fit on the rack however, (too short and it will fall through) what I did was use larger pieces of wood at the bottom and then stacking smaller pieces of wood on the top. Definitely think this is a quality product, and well worth the money, I just wish that it came with a cover.