Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The birds on my property for the most part have been very wary of the new feeder. I am learning that it can be a slow process to establish a feeder in a new area. The birds have slowy started to migrate in the morning time to the large Oak that it hangs from. This morning what I would assume is a breeding pair of Cardinals broke the ice. The female must have been famished because she had no issues feeding as I took pictures with the Canon Rebel. The male was too shy and never came all the way into the feeder. I used a 250MM Canon IS lens for these pics shooting from about 35 yds. I am rapidly learning that I will have to buy a bigger lens to really enjoy birding. It was fun watching the male sneek peeks at the feeder as he debated coming into it. I will post more updates with different species as time allows. For the amount invested this is a very enjoyable pursuit. As I work in the yard it's fun to look over and see what birds have dropped by. I hear some singing out there right now I have never heard before, so I am off to investigate!

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