Saturday, April 19, 2014

Herbs into the Good Earth

     Got the herbs into the ground this week. This small patch should meet all of our needs for the coming summer and fall. I had to "Deer Proof" them with a homemade chicken wire cage. Although the deer have been known to knock cages down to get to sweet basil!!! (Can't say I blame them). There is a very protective Catahoula Cur piled up within ten feet of these herbs though so I think they will be fine this year..... I planted Greek Oregano, Triple Curl Parsley, Tuscan Blue Rosemary, Santo Cilantro, and Sweet Basil. Had to fight off the aphids last year with Dawn Dish Detergent in a spray bottle with water, so we will see what happens this year. Really looking forward to fresh herbs in my salads this year though! May go snap off a piece of sweet basil right now to snack on!  Take care everyone. Peace.

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